Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Act 01 – Release!

So, after many months of waiting, it’s finally out! Sailor Moon Act 01: “Fatass, Sailor Moon

Download: Torrent | DDL

DDL is currently being weird and won’t be uploaded until later. Our deepest apologies.

Our next release will be sometime in January with our all new abridged manga online magazine!

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Plans for the Future!

Sorry for not having any releases in a little while! School Rumble Abridged 03 will be out this weekend!

Anyway, I bet many of you have been wondering, “When is JProductions going to release more series?” Well, the answers is simple: January 2013 (except for Sailor Moon – December 2012).

We will be starting a manga magazine this coming January with titles, including: Codename Sailor V, Soul Eater, HOTD, Tokyo Mew Mew, Sailor Moon, and School Rumble.

Fairy Tail will be released separately on its own for the time being.

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Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Act 01 – PREVIEW!!!

Here’s a 10-page preview of the long-awaiting Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon manga parody!

Download: Torrent | DDL

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School Rumble Abridged 02

It’s time for a Harima chapter! Honestly, not as funny as the first. But there’s a lot more comedy in the third!

Download: Torrent | DDL

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Your Feedback!

So we can continue on School Rumble Abridged and make it as enjoyable as possible, we need to you fill out this poll.

Also, please fill out this form as well.

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School Rumble Abridged 01

So it’s our first manga parody release! Like we promised, we’d at least get something released by the end of the summer!

Hopefully you’ll enjoy this hilarious parody of School Rumble! 🙂 Please give us feedback!

Download: Torrent | DDL



Download: Torrent | DDL

It’s the long-awaited release of the crowd favorite from Senki Zesshou Symphogear! 🙂

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Symphogear 2013 Calendar – COMING SOON

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Codename: Sailor V – Manga Parody Preview!

Here’s the promised Codename: Sailor V manga parody preview! The complete 1st chapter comes sometime next month! And please, feel free to share the previews pics too! 😀





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A Slight Change of Plans…

So, I’m not sure if any of you have heard, but instead of fansubbing (which I’m thinking about dropping altogether) I will be doing various manga parodies. Of the fansubbing I have done, I will be sure to at some point put them on a DDL site so they’re still available. As for now, I’m going to just be focusing on manga parodies.

If anyone would be interested in helping with it, you can comment below. There are various jobs to do including…

  • Finding quality raws
  • Cleaning the raws so no Japanese writing is included
  • Typesetting

You can also email me at

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